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Legendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about the early years, the evolution of Mix LA, and the early breaks.

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge takes us through the big hits in his outstanding career so far.... Includes Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Prince, Green Day, P.O....

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about what he thinks makes a mixer, a Mixer's outlook, and why he still swears by his SSL 4k.

Studio News

The new 48 Channel SSL Duality console at the Disney Roy E Production Center.

29 Jun

Ty Fy Doubles Up on Duality at Roy E Production Center

“As soon as we were able to split our mixes out on the 48 channels, using the SuperAnalogue mix bus, everything just lit up... We are now using the SSL for everything…"

Orlando, Florida - Dan Fontana, Ty Fy Studios owner, and Chief Engineer at Disney's Roy E Production Center in Orlando, has...

The new SSL AWS 924 console at Ayrshire College, Scotland. (Photo: Gary McIntyre)

27 Jun

Ayrshire College Puts SSL at the Centre of Audio Education

“We have to open the minds of the students to a whole range of options... We equip them for the challenge of a modern creative industries career."

Ayr, UK - Ayrshire College has invested in a new Solid State Logic AWS 924 δelta hybrid console for sound production facilities at its...