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SSL System T - The new immersive audio architecture will be put to the test at this year's European Championships.
EBU conducts UHD High Frame Rate Tests at European Championships 2018 featuring five Members and 19 technology partners including Solid State Logic.

31 Jul

The new System T S500 Control Surface at The Hospital Club Studios, London.
“Most Sound Supervisors who sit in front of it get a short tutorial, and they're off. If they’re used to another console I can ask how they normally set that up,...

30 Jul

 Epah Director Marcio Schnaidman sitting in front of the new SSL System T console in the Epah UMA-5 broadcast, recording, and production truck. Photo by Renato Frasneli.
"For Lollapalooza, the first response from most bands was that they would only send us their final mix. However, when they saw the SSL truck, most of them changed...

14 May

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Modular, Fully Scalable, Network Native Broadcast Production System

Network Native Compact Broadcast Console

Superior Interfaces for Dante/ AES67/ SMPTE 2110 IP Audio Networks

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