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Front of House Engineer Kyle Bulmann talks about his experience with the SSL L500 Plus live console during the latest Chance The Rapper tour.

Monitor Engineer Rob Ziemba talks about his experiences with the SSL L500 console during the latest Chance The Rapper tour.

Antony King is the fingers behind the faders behind Depeche Modes's epic Global Spirit Stadium Tour that spans 2017 and 2018. In Part 1 of this interview he...

Live News

Mark Kennedy at Front of House for Robert plant, with the SSL L500 live console.
“The main thing has, of course, always been the sound. The clarity and the dynamic range is amazing."

30 Jul

Jay Rigby, Front of House Engineer, Queens of the Stone Age, with his SSL L500 live console.
“It's really the whole package, starting from stage and coming out to FOH... It's second to none."

24 Jul

Chris Trowbridge, Technical Director of Victory, Tulsa, at one of the new SSL L200 consoles.
“For me, there wasn't really another option... We have been blown away by the smoothness of everything - the 'verbs, the compression... That why we went with...

22 Jun

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The L500 Plus, L300, L200 and L100 offer the same immaculate, huge SSL sound, the same features, the same superb operator experience and can share the same Remote I/O. They vary in physical size & layout, processing power and cost but there are no hidden performance compromises – it’s that simple.