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Sasha – Redefining the studio environment with SSL

Redefining the studio environment with SSL

Nov 13, 2008

SSL user Sasha

Sasha is universally known for his cutting edge DJ sets. He is very much at the leading edge of this genre and just as ahead of the game in the studio where he has unveiled a process which is not only groundbreaking, but also one that could have us all looking at our old gear in a new light. Quite simply, thanks to a passion for analogue warmth and control, plus a little bit of help from SSL, his studio now blends the best of classic hardware with all the digital control and recording power you would expect from any top-line facility.

“I got so frustrated with the sound that we were getting,” says Sasha looking back at the start of the recording process. “I was listening to things like Burial and a lot of German stuff that was so beautifully produced. We weren’t getting the warmth and the dynamic range – everything had that crispy digital sound. So after we mixed the first couple of tracks we knew we needed to get an analogue circuit in there. I even toyed with the idea of getting a mixing desk back in the studio…”

With the recent delivery of SSL XLogic Alpha-Link, X-Rack and Duende units, Sasha has found the perfect balance of analogue warmth and digital control. “Once we opened it up with the Alpha-Link MADI SX and got all of our analogue gear working for us, we started processing every single sound through those circuits,” says Sasha. “And just putting it all back together in the computer – we found that the parts were so much easier to manipulate. Things would suddenly seem to fit into the mix whereas before they would be poking out or just not sitting right. You just need a bit of EQ to make everything work together, whereas before using the EQs in the computer to make things sit together was very hard.”

Sasha’s latest Involver 2 album sees the superstar DJ and producer reach a pinnacle of recording excellence thanks, in part, to a production set-up that is now the perfect blend of analogue instrumentation and classic outboard, combined with the best computer control and processing. And that wouldn’t have come about without the latest SSL gear featuring prominently at every stage of the recording process…

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