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Studio owner Rupert Matthews explains why he's upgraded his console: “In all honesty, there’s no real competition!”

Oct 2, 2007

Studio owner Rupert Matthews explains why he's upgraded his console: ...

IPSWICH, ENGLAND — There are many reasons why a residential studio becomes as in-demand as Monkey Puzzle House. Owner Rupert Matthews may only have opened the doors earlier this year, but already the booking sheet is filling up fast.

Is it the idyllic and isolated rural location? Perhaps the beautifully designed live and control rooms? Maybe the proximity to London and the full residential facilities are what makes Monkey Puzzle such an irresistible location for artists as diverse as The Towers of London and The Bonzo Dog Band.

In truth, many factors combine to create the best residential recording studios, but without the right equipment to track and mix that creative magic can be lost, which is why Rupert recently made the decision to upgrade their console to a Solid State Logic AWS900+.

“From the repeat business we’ve already experienced it’s clear that the studio’s got a great vibe,” Rupert explains. “The atmosphere and the team’s knowledge and their efficient but relaxed attitude all make Monkey Puzzle House what it is. All this contributes to the overall vibe and the positive and unique experience of working here.”

“But we needed a new console, and there seemed to be only one real option for us – the AWS900+. Why? Not only does it have all of the sound quality you expect from an SSL, it’s also got the practicality of a DAW controller in an analogue console. The console itself sounds just awesome and gets used for all of our studio work.”

“But it’s not just about the sound – using the AWS has increased the efficiency of the studio, from basic tracking right through to the final stages of the mix process. The ability to control the DAW from the console has an obvious advantage here and works really well, plus the addition of all of the SSL goodies and the fader control that allows hands-on interactive mixing all add up to make the AWS a totally comprehensive console. In all honesty there was no real competition!”

The AWS900+ has been supplied by Gearbox, strategic partners to SSL, and is already an integral part of the Monkey Puzzle House experience. “The most important thing for us as engineers and producers is to enjoy the session. Now this may seem a little strange, but if we’re enjoying ourselves then we know that the session is going well. Every job gets treated individually and there’s great interaction between the team here and our clients. We take an enormous amount of pride in the results of our sessions, and we’re seeing so many re-books that we feel we’re offering a great package.”

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