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SSL's Chris Jenkins wins Music Producers Guild Unsung Hero Award

Award Recognizes Jenkins’ Contribution to the Industry

Feb 17, 2010

SSL's Chris Jenkins wins MPG award

OXFORD, UK – Solid State Logic is pleased to announce that Chris Jenkins, SSL design guru and director of commercial applications, has won the Music Producers Guild Unsung Hero Award. The award ceremony takes place at Cafe de Paris, London, on February 11, 2010. The Unsung Hero Award puts the spotlight on those individuals who have quietly yet dramatically contributed to the music industry at large.

“We are very excited Chris is getting the accolades from his peers he so richly deserves,” says Antony David, managing director for SSL. “Chris’ keen industry insight and clear understanding of console design and how artists, producers and engineers work have led to a truly stellar group of SSL analogue and digital products over the years. We are happy to join the industry in congratulating Chris.”

Jenkins has been with SSL since 1981 when he joined the company as a service/commissioning engineer. He moved into product development when he helped to specify the 5000 Broadcast and 5000 Film Series consoles. The film console was developed in conjunction with the Lucas film mixers at Skywalker Ranch, the first users of these systems.

In addition to the tireless support of the company’s sales staff world-wide, Jenkins worked with the SSL engineering teams in the development of the successful C Series digital console range, which includes the C100, C300 and the latest C10 digital broadcast console. His magic touch also was felt in the development of the industry changing AWS 900+ SE, Matrix and the flagship Duality analogue consoles.

Jenkins credits his background at the BBC Transcription Recording Unit, which allowed him to work in radio programming, live classical recording and work with high end popular music stars, for giving him insight on the development of console technology. His wide range of friends from all parts of the industry have helped him keep up with current trends and technologies. To round out this experience, Jenkins is also a guitarist and an active recording engineer.

Says Peter Gabriel, superstar artist and co-owner of SSL, “From its inception, SSL has been responsible for a lot of great innovation in studios and Chris Jenkins has long been one of its unsung heroes. Chris’s inventive mind and passion for sound has, time after time, delivered magic. He understands, as well as anyone I know, how musicians and producers actually work in the studios, and he can design equipment that enables their musical dreams to slide effortlessly into reality.”

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