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SSL X-Desk reaches top of the charts with first Number 1

Mix engineer says

Feb 17, 2010

Oliver Zuelch & X-Desk

Oliver Zuelch has been involved in music for a long time, and since his first day in a “big studio” recording with his band Oliver has known that the studio was the place for him. After working as a runner and then tape op for an SL 4000 equipped studio he got his big break on a session when the regular engineer didn’t turn up (how often do we hear this story?) and from that point he has not looked back. SSL caught up with him to find out how his new X-Desk integrates into his studio setup.

Tell us a little about yourself, what artists you work with, and the work you do.
I’ve been working quite successfully as a freelance engineer/producer for a few years now. I’ve worked with a lot of German-language bands including Die Aerzte, Sportfreunde Stiller, The Notwist, Juli, Ich&Ich, and a number of others. While some of these names may not be familiar to your English-speaking readers many of the projects with these bands have gone Platinum and Multi-Platinum in Germany. I work in different studios, but I also have my own mix room. My own studio is based around a Mac Pro, SSL Alpha Link converters and an X-Desk, with some nice vintage and modern outboard pieces.

Why did you choose the X-Desk?
X-Desk allows me to make my absolute dream mix happen. I use it in a “hybrid mixing” setup working with a lot of plug-ins but also with some really nice outboard processing chains so that I can combine different things and get some “colour” in my signals. My X-Desk lets me integrate all of my outboard using the inserts to make a high-quality hybrid mixing setup.

What do you like most about your X-Desk?
It’s small, so I can put in my car with lots of outboard and record a band where I want. It gives me a “constant” to work with when I am not in my own place which really helps.

Are there any aspects of the console which have made life better for you?
Definitely. It’s the X-Desk’s mix bus. I can really feel that it’s “working” if you know what I mean. It reacts if I move faders, it acts like a mix bus does from a big console. All of the other mixing desks of this size that I tested weren't able to do that. X-Desk gives me a real impact on my sound.

What commercial projects have you mixed with your X-Desk?
I mixed “Unplugged in New York” for Sportfreunde Stiller, which went to number 1 in the German album charts (and is still in the charts as we write). I’ve also mixed the new Lali Puna album, which is due for release in April 2010. Others mixed on the X-Desk will definitely follow :)

Are you happy with your purchase?
Don't wanna change a day;-)) Yes I am.

For more information about Oliver please visit

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