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SSL release MX4 at Messe 2009
SSL release MX4, the new 128 channel MADI I/O with DSP powered SSL software mixer

SSL release MX4 at Messe 2009

SSL release MX4, the new 128 channel MADI I/O with DSP powered SSL software mixer

Apr 1, 2009

SSL unveil MX4 at Frankfurt Musikmesse

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — At MUSIKMESSE (Booth #B.75, Hall 5.1), Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional digital and analogue consoles, is proud to announce the release of MX4. MX4 delivers outstanding performance to demanding ‘inside the box’ users who refuse to compromise on quality. It combines three central system elements; a very high channel count/high quality audio interface – an extremely versatile Software Mixer – and DSP powered plug-ins that provide console grade precision processing with legendary SSL audio characteristics.

MX4 is the ideal solution for audio professionals seeking solutions for complex recording and mixing environments. The 128 channel MADI I/O can be combined with SSL Alpha-Link audio format converters, connected directly to suitably equipped consoles or integrated with Broadcast Routers to deliver very high channel count with uncompromised audio quality. The MX4 flexible mixer architecture, true multi client operation and stunning ‘near zero’ latency creates a powerful system with the versatility to create multiple (or duplicate) multi channel record feeds, to create multiple headphone/artist monitor feeds or to build Mix Minus monitor feeds in Broadcast applications. SSL console grade plug-ins ensure that any system has the precision, power and quality to meet all processing requirements.

The Audio Interface:

  • 128 channels of digital audio I/O over fibre optic MADI
  • Mac or PC compatible SSL ‘PCIe-Core Audio Pipeline’ drivers
  • Multi client divers – multiple audio applications appear in the mixer and access the I/O simultaneously
  • Very high channel count, high sample rate recording & playback
  • 2 x 64 channel optical MADI ports on half-length PCIe card
  • 1x Wordclock Connector (Software controlled as Input or Output)
  • Near Zero (4 samples) latency delivers ideal monitoring environment
  • Full Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) for VST Plug-Ins, I/O’s and external Processing/Conversion Delays
  • Combine with SSL Alpha-Link audio format converters to create complete audio I/O solutions

The Software Mixer:

  • Open architecture mixing environment; build your own mixer with mono, stereo or 5.1 channels and create routing and buss architecture
  • Flexible routing architecture facilitates multiple headphone/artist monitor mixes, duplicated output feeds for multi DAW recording or Mix Minus routing for broadcast applications
  • On board DSP powers SSL console grade plug-ins for the SSL sound inside the box
  • SSL Channel EQ plug-in - 4 band parametric EQ with E & G Series console characteristics
  • SSL Channel Dynamics plug-in – the perfect transparent Compressor & Gate/Expander
  • Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in – the legendary G Series Stereo Bus Compressor
  • VST2.0 plug-in architecture supports a vast range of third party plug-ins
  • Includes the SSL Soundscape Audio Toolbox plug-in bundle with; 4 Band Parametric EQ, Filter, Dynamics, Chorus/Flange, MS Decoder & Dither
  • Support for SSL Soundscape DSP format plug-ins

MX4 will be available from SSL Resellers worldwide from May 2009.

MSRP £1249 + Tax
MSRP 1699 € inc Tax

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