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Solid State Logic announces nonstop European sales successes @ IBC07

C100, C200 and C300 ranges achieve sales growth across the region

Sep 17, 2007

BBC Radio Theatre, London & C200

OXFORD, UK — Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals, is pleased to announce at IBC 2007 the continued growth in sales across Europe of its console range as customers recognise the power, flexibility and sheer quality of the company’s products.

France 3 – already a satisfied C100 customer – has purchased a further two consoles, one for use in its facility in Strasbourg and the other in Corsica. Meanwhile Fox Europe has bought five for use in Serbia, Poland and Turkey. The C100 – which is relied upon in over 90 live-to-air/live-to-tape broadcast facilities worldwide, is a robust digital broadcast console designed for ease-of-use and reliability. With support for up to 128 input channels, the C100 provides simultaneous 5.1, stereo and mono signal paths directly from source through to destination. The console features 80 mix busses for the numerous talent, communication and production area mixes that have become a standard requirement in programme creation.

Success for the classic “in-line” C200 console continues, with it proving itself to be as much of a success for live entertainment broadcast as it is for music production. Danmarks Radio, Danish national broadcaster, has installed three this year, joining their existing fleet of two C200s and four C100s. In total they have a dozen SSL consoles.

The prestigious BBC Radio Theatre in London has installed a C200 as a central part of the refurbishment while Filmorchester, the German Film Orchestra, has installed a C200 in its music and post facility.

The digital C200 provides the latest adaptation of SSL’s popular in-line console heritage with a dedicated knob-per-function control surface. The C200 is suitable for creative mixing applications, such as music or entertainment, where hands-on access to a large numbers of controls is essential.

In-line versatility and the provision of both Snapshot and Dynamic automation make the console ideal for both live-to-air and post-production mixing applications. A special ‘Mobile’ configuration is also available for compact studio or mobile installations.

2007 has been the year that has seen sales of the digital production console C300 really take off as the notoriously exacting and fastidious post-production industry has embraced its capabilities. Digison in France completed its brand new facility with a C300 while Creatives Sound Studios, also in France and the very first facility to install a C300, won a Palme D’Or.

Editworks, one of the UK’s leading post-production houses, has also recently installed a C300 digital production console, the first in Soho to do so. The company specialises in high profile TV entertainment programs for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 including Ant And Dec’s Poker Face, Al Murray's Happy Hour, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, The National Television Awards and You Are What You Eat.

The C300 is a fully configurable, multi-operator digital console for the full spectrum of production and post-production applications. The latest model from the industry-proven C Series range, it provides the powerful features, intuitive operation, focused design and sonic excellence for which SSL consoles are renowned.

The C300 offers up to 512 mix inputs from a single core, and the unmatched flexibility of its DSP allows reconfiguration without a reboot. Simultaneous multi-format mixing is provided via 80 mix busses that may be grouped and formatted (up to 7.1 surround), with a 128 x 8 monitor matrix and a 32 x 16 re-record matrix. SSL’s unique TimeFreeze™ automation system, recorder control and a 4-port serial machine synchroniser are included as standard.

For projects where mixing within the audio editing package is acceptable, the C300 also provides direct control of the workstations found throughout the production process, with the vital high-end benefits of an ergonomic control surface, full monitoring and machine control, which are often limited or completely absent on those platforms.

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