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Soca producer Kerwin Du Bois chooses X-Desk

“SSL has a reputation for a rich and dynamic audio quality”

Sep 15, 2010

Kerwin Du Bois & X-Desk

TORONTO, CANADA – Award-winning producer Kerwin Du Bois has recently purchased a Solid State Logic X-Desk to help with a huge variety of recording projects. Du Bois is an influential name in the Soca genre and has worked on hits for Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano and Denise ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon. He has also DJ’d on Radio 1Extra and Soca FM in the UK, and produced many solo and collaborative recordings. He runs a state-of-the-art recording studio, the centerpiece of which is his new SSL X-Desk.

“I was curious about SuperAnalogue,” Du Bois says on his decision to buy the X-Desk. “I’ve heard thousands of hit recordings that were produced through SSL consoles and I wanted my recordings to get that exact same sound. SSL has a reputation for a rich and dynamic audio quality and when I saw that I could accomplish that in a small footprint console with X-desk, I jumped at the chance to pick one up.”

Du Bois has clearly made the right decision, given how X-Desk has revolutionised his recordings.

“The key to Soca is finding the right instruments that complement one another,” he says. “I’m mixing acoustic instruments with electronic and sampled instruments, and the imaging and separation I’m getting through X-Desk means that all the instruments are distinct in the mix. X-Desk expands the stereo imaging of a mix in ways I thought would never be possible,” he continues. “When I run a final mix through X-Desk it puts everything into context for me. You hear the individual instruments, warmth, body and vibe of the mix.”

X-Desk has also helped increase Du Bois’ workflow, as he explains…

“I’m currently producing and mixing ten songs and I would have to work much longer and harder in the box to get ‘that’ sound… and sometimes it eludes me altogether. X-Desk always seems to add the right tone, sparkle and image that I strive for. With X-Desk I can also drive the overall level of a mix without clipping and distorting compared to the maximum output level I get from mixing in the box. The sound of X-Desk has transformed the sound quality of my music,” he states. “In my genre we don’t always explore all audio possibilities and tend to play it safe. My music now sounds much, much bigger… and, most importantly, unique. I’m extremely happy I made the step to getting the X-Desk. It’s the best money I’ve spent in a while.”

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