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Production legends choose SSL

Trevor Horn and Mike Stock wrote pop history and now both continue their long relationships with SSL

Oct 15, 2008

Trevor Horn & AWS 900+

OXFORD, UK – There aren’t many producers who can claim to have changed the face of popular music, but both Trevor Horn and Mike Stock can shout it from the rooftops such has their influence been on the genre over the last three decades. The fact, then, that both Stock and Horn have recently installed new SSL consoles is testament to the brand indeed…

Horn has produced some landmark albums including ABC’s The Lexicon Of Love (widely regarded as one of the best productions of the time) and Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Welcome To The Pleasuredome with its controversial yet decade-defining singles Relax and Two Tribes. His CV also includes a monumental list of other achievements including three Brit Awards and one Grammy (for Seal’s 1995 track Kiss From A Rose).

Mike Stock is best remembered for his many successful singles produced as part of Stock, Aitken & Waterman. During the late eighties and early nineties they became the most successful production and writing team of all time, working with close to 100 acts (including Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, Jason Donovan and Rick Astley) and scoring over 100 hit singles, a dozen number ones and shifting over 40 million units along the way.

Trevor Horn has installed two AWS 900+ consoles, one for his home studio and one for Studio 4 at SARM studios. Mike Stock has installed an SSL Duality 48-channel large format production console for his own private studio.

SSL’s Mike Banks comments: “To have two producers of such stature install SSL consoles is fantastic news. Trevor obviously has a love of the compact but powerful AWS format that sees him not only install one at SARM but also another at his home studio. Mike has chosen the incredible Duality for its flexibility and 100% analogue sound. With Duality he isn’t tied to any particular workstation and sonically it brings a range of unique sounds with the Variable Harmonic Drive. It’s a console that defines production in the 21st century just as Horn and Stock have defined pop music production over the last 30 years.”

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