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Northampton College installs SSL Matrix

Ray Meadham explains why he chose to specify SSL Matrix in the college studio

Mar 24, 2009

Matrix @ Northampton College

Northampton College is a higher education facility in the UK with over 13,000 students. The faculty of Music & Music Technology is a busy one, and offers HND and Diploma courses in music performance, production, and writing. Late last year the team at Northampton college installed a Matrix in their main studio so SSL caught up with Ray Meadham, Programme Manager for Music, to find out how they were finding it.

Why did you choose to add a Matrix to your current setup?
We were keen to expand our range of current industry-standard equipment and were looking for a suitable desk. The Matrix offered us an affordable quality desk with a known name. Its ability to switch between Logic & Pro Tools allowed us to develop a studio that was not limited to Pro Tools, as we had had with a D-Command. We also wanted to set up an analogue environment for students to follow from the classroom to a studio. This desk offered us ticks in all the boxes - a great addition to the education of future producers!

What do you like most about it?
The ease of operation for routing, and the transfer from analogue audio to digital control layers allows students a lot of flexibility on how they work. The Matrix’s compatibility with what we had already installed (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sibelius) meant that it fitted into our setup straight out of the box.

How will your teaching differ by having Matrix, and what will you be able to offer that you couldn't before?
The main areas are the SSL way - showing the key functions that the students will come across when they step up to an AWS 900 or even larger consoles. The signal path is clear and easy to follow on the Matrix allowing us to demonstrate creative recording using the control surface.

What impact will the Matrix have on your students?
It gives them access to learning an SSL at a level they can use easily. It also gives them a creative surface to develop their individual production processes.

Are you happy with your purchase?
More than happy – it makes a great addition to the studios we can offer and we hope to add an AWS 900+ when the next phase of our studio build comes in 18 months.

For more info about courses available at Northampton College please visit

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