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Matrix brings analogue depth to DAW domain & transforms workflow for specialist sound design studio

Sep 22, 2008

Matrix @ Near Deaf, France

OXFORD, ENGLAND - Eric Cervera is one of the first people in France to install an SSL Matrix into his studios, delivered by the team at Jukebox this summer. His company “Near Deaf Experience” specialises in music and sound design with a roster of blue chip clients including Orange, Toyota, Nike, MTV, Nickelodeon and directors including Guy Jacques and Alain Monn. The studio is comprehensively equipped, but was missing something to tie the mix of synth’s, DAWs, and analogue outboard equipment together – enter “le Matrix”…

We asked Eric why he chose to purchase a Matrix, and he told us “Because it's a real analogue console which is also a complete control surface. At this price you can only find "small" analogue consoles or just super remote controls which don’t even pass any audio signal – they are just a very big mouse for the computer! In combination with the analogue outboard in the studio and in conjuction with the SSL Delta link and Alpha Link we installed it's the ideal console for us. If we consider its possibilities and price there’s nothing else that beats it.” As you can tell from the picture, Near Deaf Experience has embraced the hybrid studio concept, and this was a major factor in choosing a Matrix. What attracted Eric to the Matrix was “The possibility to move easily between the analogue and digital domain but also to work in both worlds simultaneously. The possibilities to connect up to 40 inputs on mixdown and the insert routing of the console is fantastic. But the best thing is that it's so easy to use. It's really the best of both worlds. You benefit from the speed and technology of digital with the real big sound of analogue.”

He went on to tell us how installing the Matrix in the studio had made his working life better – “Flexibility, Simplicity, the routing and most importantly the big sound. The Matrix improves all aspects of working, recording and mixing. The thing that really blows me away is to be able to connect all my outboard and insert them just like plug-ins. This has completely changed the way I mix. Imagine we give you the choice of a plug-in compressor or a real analogue unit, the difference in sound is enormous. The precision of the faders and pans is so much better than any other product on the market. I now have a tool which will revolutionize the way I work and will take the quality of my mixes to the next level. The impact it has had is enormous. More dynamics, more depth, greater width and overall precision. To work with the Matrix changes everything. The analogue summing and the converters give the real sense of mixing which you can’t get if you stay in the box with a control surface. The frequency response is so wide and you can hear everything, which allows me to work precisely on sub basses as well as extreme highs.”

Is Eric happy? In his own words “800%”!

If you’d like to find out more, please visit to contact Eric.

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