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Markustik Audio jumps on the SSL train with AWS

“The range of workflow possibilities is really impressive. I can set up quicker than ever!”

Feb 23, 2015

SSL AWS @ Markustik AudioSSL AWS @ Markustik Audio

MAINZ GONSENHEIM, GERMANY Markustik Audio, a new recording and production facility just outside Frankfurt am Main, has chosen a Solid State Logic AWS Hybrid Console/Controller as the centrepiece of Control Room A. The facility is newly purpose built and has installed AWS as part of a focus on pristine audio quality in an inspiring creative environment.

“When planning the technical aspects of the studio, there was one big decision to make: Do we get a DAW controller or an analogue console?” says Markus Brückner, CEO of Markustik Audio. “Our focus has always been investing in the future of the studio, so an analogue console seemed like the way to go. This and the AWS’ DAW integration made me jump on the SSL train.”

Coming from a primarily DAW-based environment, Brückner has welcomed the sonic improvements achieved with AWS. “Before AWS, our recording process, as well as the entire signal flow behind it, was defined by our DAW.” Brückner recalls. “This has changed in a huge way. Now, the DAW is only the recording medium and we have noticed a vast improvement in the depth and clarity of our mixes.”

A-FADA, SSL’s DAW controlled analogue automation protocol has proved indispensable for Brückner. “A-FADA was a real plus for us, allowing a seamless transition from a DAW-based workflow to an analogue console. It has allowed us to perform higher fidelity rides, without compromising the workflow benefits of DAW automation.”

Markustik Audio offers services at every stage of the recording process, from songwriting all the way to mastering. The diverse range of projects mean flexibility and versatility are the highest priorities. “The range of workflow possibilities on the console is really impressive. I especially like the options available for creating cue mixes.” continues Brückner. “It is particularly useful when setting up for full band tracking sessions. I can set up quicker than ever!”

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