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Korean Broadcaster KBS Group leads the world with install of SSL Duality with Redundant PSU option

May 2, 2008

Mr Kim – House Engineer & SSL Duality

OXFORD, ENGLAND – Solid State Logic the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for film, audio, video and broadcast professionals, today announced that Korean Broadcasting System’s ‘Studio 1625’ has installed SSL’s Duality large-format analogue console with integrated patch bay and Redundant Power Supply options, a world first in a broadcast application.

KBS Studio 1625, part of the KBS Group, is responsible for recording and mixing material for KBS music, broadcasting and post production projects. Solid State Logic’s Regional Manager Tim Harrison said, “In addition to Studio 1625’s Duality being the first supplied to a major broadcaster, it is also the first to include a redundant PSU option specifically designed by SSL for broadcast operations. In addition to the sonic quality and control and integration advantages, the inclusion of PSU redundancy was a significant factor in Studio 1625’s decision, as it will be for other interested broadcasters worldwide.”

KBS is routinely recognised as the most influential media organization in Korea. As such, it is responsible for the delivery of many thousands of hours of music, broadcast and post production projects for a wide range of drama and entertainment across multiple formats and media. Studio 1625 found that a 72-chanel Duality was precisely what they needed for their burgeoning portfolio of work on music for long-form drama and entertainment.

The Studio 1625 sale was organised, facilitated and commissioned by SSL’s Korean distributor, HanSeo International.

SSL’s Duality - the fastest-selling large-format console in SSL’s storied history –combines the analogue sonics of legendary SSL E, G, J and K Series consoles with extended DAW capabilities. As DAWs changed the traditional workflow for professional audio production, SSL understood the need to combine a comprehensive controller and world-class analogue facilities such as signal processing and monitoring.

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