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Higher channel count and new features drive sales of SSL AWS 948
Installations Continue to Mount Worldwide

Higher channel count and new features drive sales of SSL AWS 948

Installations Continue to Mount Worldwide

Apr 4, 2011


FRANKFURT, GERMANY – The recently-released Solid State Logic AWS 948 has become a meteoric success with studios around the world recognising the value of its higher channel count and next generation features. The original AWS 900, the console that changed the industry by combining analogue console technology and DAW hardware control sold into over 550 studios worldwide and now has a worthy successor. The AWS 948 offers 48 mono/24 stereo inputs, comprehensive, integrated DAW control and the coveted SSL SuperAnalogue™ sound that is the sonic basis for so many major recordings. AWS will be featured at Musikmesse 2011 (Hall 5.1, Stand B75).

“SSL has traditionally been at the forefront of console design and sound-quality, and the AWS 948 continues that tradition,” says Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SSL, Inc. “We are very pleased with the brisk pace of sales into the mid-size commercial facility and the expanding private studio sectors. The AWS 948 is poised to change the industry once again as studio owners enjoy having 48-channel capability within a 24-channel frame and improved studio workflow.”

Recent Installations of the AWS 948 Include:

EMP Music Publishing, Berlin:
EMP Music Publishing, a company that creates music tracks for television and radio programs, as well as commercials, has installed an AWS 948 with an XLogic X-Rack in its Fake Palm Studio facility. Because of the 948’s greater channel count, EMP can now internally mix orchestral and live music tracks that were recorded in larger studios. The console delivers the signature SSL SuperAnalogue™ sound combined with routing flexibility and control of resident DAW systems.

ID2Mix, Paris
ID2Mix, situated in the heart of Paris, specializes in post production audio, music composition and creation, sound design and mixing for projects. Composer Hervé Cohen runs the studio and decided to replace his AWS 900+ SE with the new AWS 948. ID2Mix benefits from the greater channel capacity the AWS 948 offers for tracking, mixing and in-line console operation mode.

University of Wales, Newport, Wales:
The University of Wales, Newport has built a new media educational complex in the city center and moved its audio operations to the new studio location. The centerpiece of the main studio is an AWS 948 used for its Creative Sound and Music BA as well as its Creative Music Practice MA/MFA degree programs. The AWS 948 delivers the added capacity needed for the educational mission, while keeping within space and budget constraints.

Jef Martens/The Blue Room, Hoogstraten, Belgium:
When composer/producer Jef Martens (aka Basto) went looking for the ultimate upgrade for his private The Blue Room studio, the AWS 948 was the console of choice. For Martens, there was no other console in the world that combined the AWS’s small form factor with superior sound, channel flexibility, HUI DAW integration and smart Total Recall system. Focused on producing dance and pop tracks, the AWS 948 gives Martens improved stereo separation and depth for his mixes not possible from working in the box.

University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, England:
As part of the soon to be completed performance hub and technical spaces, the University of Wolverhampton has chosen an AWS 948 for its new recording studio complex. Needing to offer the very best tools to enhance the learning experience, the AWS 948 gives the University the excellent SuperAnalogue™ signal path and integrated DAW control necessary to keep students current with recording technology and practices.

Demo Castellon Private Studio, Ontario, Canada:
Working with such industry greats as Madonna and Timbaland, celebrated producer/mix engineer Demacio 'Demo' Castellon has installed an AWS 948 in his private studio. Long a fan of SSL sound-quality, Demo wanted to continue the sonic relationship with SSL, but needed a console that would fit the space and still provide the channel count necessary for his productions. The AWS 948 was the hands down choice.

Midas Studio, São Paulo Brazil:
Midas Studio, a long-term client of SSL operating a 4048G+ in Room 01, recently upgraded Room 03 with an AWS 948. The AWS brings SSL’s sought-after SuperAnalogue™ sound, “E” and “G” EQ, summing, high channel count and DAW control to Midas to further serve its impressive client list. Midas needed a console that would sonically shine capturing many different musical styles and AWS provides Midas with the ultimate analogue benchmark sound for all its recordings.

Pepper Studio, Bayern, Germany
Pepper Studio is refurbishing its operation around a new AWS 948 console in Studio A. The studio facility is part of Artists & Acts Music Publishing, a record label that covers everything from pop and comedy to rock and folk. In addition music production, engineer Tobias Wendl uses the AWS 948 for mixing movie scores in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound. The AWS 948 delivers SSL’s signature SuperAnalogue™ sound combined with an expanded channel count and DAW control. Pepper Studio owns a generous amount of classic outboard gear and musical instruments and the AWS 948 brings the different elements together for capture on Pro Tools® and Nuendo systems. The AWS 948 in Studio A is joined by SSL Alpha-Link, MadiXtreme and Duende units with Studio B featuring the new SSL Nucleus as well as Duende.

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