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Christ's Commission Fellowship Alabang Upgrades To SSL Live

"We chose SSL because of its legendary sound"

Sep 29, 2015

SSL L500 In Action At CCF AlabangSSL L500 In Action At CCF Alabang

MUTINLUPA, PHILIPPINES – As part of an extensive audio, video and lighting system upgrade, Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) Alabang has installed a new sound system, the centrepiece of which is an SSL Live L500 mixing console. The non-denominational church founded by Dr. Peter Tan-chi in the early 1980s has a membership of approximately 60,000 with locations across the Philippines and internationally. The Alabang location started serving the Metro Manila community in 2004. Since that time, the schedule of worship services has expanded to accommodate its growing congregation, and with it the complexity of the music production required for those services.

According to Kevin J. Yague, Sound and Light Engineer at CCF Alabang, the previous sound, light and video system at the worship center "had reached its capacity. It could no longer support the larger productions that we have during Holy Week and the Christmas season. We needed a more powerful system with additional input channels for microphones and instruments, and more outputs for overflow rooms, which sometimes require their own mixes. The SSL Live seemed to fit perfectly."

CCF Alabang typically runs a busy weekend schedule, with a rehearsal and two worship services every Saturday, five services on Sunday and a series of sound checks in between. "The L500 makes it very easy for us to move from one service to another, " continues Yague. "After booting the console, we either load the show for a particular band, or load a template depending upon which team is assigned to do the singing."

Yague also praises L500's ease of use and ergonomic architecture. "Mixing has been a breeze." he says. "As well as professional sound technicians, we often have amateur volunteers operating the console, so we needed something intuitive. A newbie volunteer can operate the system with very little training."

The SSL L500 is situated in a sound booth in the balcony of CCF Alabang's Main Hall, which has a capacity of 1,300. Three remote SSL ML 32.32 Analogue Stageboxes accept inputs from stage left, stage right and the director's booth, and route outputs for the monitor and overflow room mixes. The L500 feeds Fohhn® Audio Focus Modular active loudspeakers, the PA consisting of two FM/I-100 and two FM/I-400 (electronically steerable arrays) per side, six AS-40 subwoofers located under the stage and four AT-201 loudspeakers used for front fill. Stage monitors include four K-array KP102s, two K-array KP52s for the choir, and multiple myMix personal monitor mixers for members of the band.

To facilitate multi-track recording of services, two MADI feeds from the L500 are patched to a new Pro Tools HD® system using a pair of SSL XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD interfaces. This enables a direct connection between the console's MADI feeds and a variety of Pro Tools HD and HDX hardware, enabling Yague to record up to 128 channels of audio at 48 kHz.

"We chose SSL because of its legendary sound," concludes Yague. "Ever since we switched to the SSL L500, our sound experience has greatly improved. This is true even for tough situations: it's never been easier."

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