C100 HD PLUSC100 HD PLUS Digital Broadcast Console

User Interface

Powerful Intuitive Ergonomic Elegance

The C100 is an intuitive, adaptable console which is easy to learn and simple to operate. The C100 control surface benefits from over three decades of design experience and offers an elegant, comfortable, flexible and logical working environment that is freelance friendly. Based around a combination of channel & ‘assignable master panel’ hardware controls, TFT channel information displays and a central touch screen, the C100 makes the advanced processing, routing and monitoring capabilities of the system easy to access, control and configure. The result is a console which perfectly balances a capacity for highly detailed configuration with an uncluttered, sustainable working environment.

Compact Control Surface for Simple, Freelance-friendly Operation

The C100 presents the operator with the ultimate mix control system. Assignable and dedicated hardware and touch screen controls combine to provide an uncluttered work-surface for controlling ‘on-line’ operations, while retaining easy access to more complex functions. Everything from the console layout to the quickly manipulable channel layering, and even the console’s colour scheme, is designed to create a pleasant, sustainable working environment for coping with complex and lengthy sessions.

Adaptable channel layout lets you arrange your controls as you want them

The concept of combining dedicated and assignable controls extends to control surface channel assignments: Multiple layers of channels can be quickly selected in either conventional banks of contiguous signals, or user-defined layouts which can be easily re-arranged, even while on air. This offers the user both a stable layout that enables every signal to be quickly located, and a more versatile layout which ensures that essential signals are kept close, and which enables signal-heavy sessions to be handled smoothly, even on more compact console sizes.

Traditional signal flow – every channel has full processing as standard

SSL consoles scale capacity not performance. When you specify your console’s required channel count, we ensure that there is enough DSP power available to provide dedicated EQ, Dynamics and Panorama processing for every channel and bus. Because you are never forced to compromise in terms of available DSP power, you will never need to lose time allocating and re-allocating DSP to audio processing and routing functions.

Highest quality audio leaves you free to concentrate on production

Solid State Logic consoles set audio quality benchmarks for other manufacturers to follow. All SSL consoles deliver a pristine audio path with exceptionally low noise floor and very high bandwidth, offering legendary depth of tonal quality. With SSL you will never need to question the audio fidelity of your console or its processors, giving you peace of mind that your work will always sound superb.

Powerful 5.1 production tools

SSL consoles are trusted by audio professionals worldwide to deliver the pristine audio signal path required to meet the demands of HD 5.1 audio. While all six components of a 5.1 stem can always be manipulated individually, they are presented as a single signal on the control surface, making them deceptively easy to handle.

Constant total system status feedback via TFT screens

With the C100, you can see your entire environment all the time, without the need to constantly scroll through screens. Channel displays and Touchscreen provide a constant display of every bus signal, while detailed displays of a wide range or parameters, from signal processing to surround panning, further enhance the ease and precision with which your mix is crafted.

There is no substitute for first hand experience… if you are a broadcast engineer and would like to get closer to a C100 please contact sales@solidstatelogic.com.

C100 HD User Interface Display
C100 HD User Interface Control Surface
C100 HD User Interface Touch Screen