C100 HD PLUSC100 HD PLUS Digital Broadcast Console

Integration & Automation

C100 reduces complexity, streamlines system integration and reduces maintenance

The C100 raises the bar for integration of control data and audio signals into the broadcast facility. Our system reduces the cost and complexity of installation as well as maintenance and set-up demands. The console control surface is convection cooled and relatively compact making it ideally suited to studio and OB vehicle installation. Console frame sizes are available from 16 to 64 faders with Processing & I/O scaled accordingly. The Blackrock Processor unit, Router and I/O are also compact and rack based and can be located remotely from the console. A simple ‘console network’ uses redundant Ethernet data/control interconnection between the individual console tiles with the SSL Blackrock Processor, Router and I/O systems. Standard Optical MADI (AES10) digital audio cabling is used to connect the console to the Processor & I/O. MADI audio connectivity provides easy, lossless integration and distribution of bulk IO, with support for very long cable runs, reducing both the cost and time involved in cabling.

Routing & I/O

The C100 is compatible with a range of Router and audio I/O solutions which enable systems to be specified to precisely match user requirements and budget. Visit our Multi Console Networking section for more information here.

SNMP fault reporting for ease of maintenance

SNMP logging for essential elements of the console’s operating status, allows potentially harmful conditions to be detected and fixed before they cause a fault. This method of pre-emptive maintenance assists in keeping the C100’s maintenance requirements outstandingly low. If a fault cannot be corrected pre-emptively, the console’s software is able to trace any failure down to an individual component on any card, or an individual line in more than one million lines of code. SNMP is then used to transmit instant notification of the failure, and enables SSL engineers to find and fix faults quickly, and generally without having to arrange a site visit.


Integration with Production/Newscast Automation systems

Recognizing that live Production Automation is a growing part of broadcast production,C100 and C10 consoles can be integrated with Grass Valley Ignite Ross Overdrive, Sony ELC and Mosart Medialab systems. Fundamentally the SSL Broadcast Automation interface provides the Ross, Sony or Mosart Medialab automation system with a remote controlled mixer. This mixer follows commands issued from the Automation System (or the vision mixer/switcher) and thus controls the audio mix of the production. The Automation System works in parallel with the console’s physical controls, so if the audio operator adjusts the level of a channel under automation control, the audio will change level. The fact that the level has changed will also be flagged to the automation system. The limited abilities of the Automation System (fader level, on/off etc.) mean that the console is likely to be pre-configured for a specific show, to set mic gains, EQ’s, master bus settings etc. This can all be simplified by the creation of projects to work with specific automated productions. Automation can be applied to anything from a single channel to all channels of the console but typically a small number of channels are controlled. Using custom layers, the Channel faders under control can be hidden from the operator’s view of the surface, so that the console can be used simultaneously by an operator and the automation system without distraction. Automation can globally be switched on/off from a single console surface switch.

Key Features

  • Support for Grass Valley Ignite, Ross, Sony and Mosart Medialab
  • A standard feature of C100 HD PLUS and C10 HD PLUS
  • Automation can be applied to anything form a single channel to all channels of the console
  • Channel faders under control can be hidden from the operator’s view
  • Automation can globally be switched on/off from the console surface