Wez Clarke has a rich pedigree of success that spans many genres, from his DJ foundations and early production work and hits under Speed Freak Records, to Mixer and Production credits on 14 number one albums so far.... Clarke talks to SSL about the secrets of mix mastery.

Beginning in 2005, The Hay Bale Studio grew up from the desire to have a real recording studio at Bonnaroo. This unique recording studio is situated inside a trailer parked backstage, and is surrounded by giant walls of hay bales for soundproofing.

DJ & Producer Marc 'MK' Kinchen talks to SSL about how his career got started, his passion for making music and why he bought an SSL AWS console.

SSL talks to Stuart Hamilton @ Castlesound Studios about his upgrade from AWS 900+ to AWS 948 for higher channel count and streamlined stereo workflow... and how he feels that new stereo imaging tools and a better sound came as a welcome bonus!