Today SSL’s Music Production Tools lead the way in delivering hybrid production systems that combine the very best of analogue & digital audio technology with hands on control over the DAW environment.
In this brochure: XL-Desk, Matrix2, Sigma, Nucleus, Analogue I/O and Processing. View here.


The aim of this Setup Guide is to clarify the connections and settings required to maximize the I/O capabilities of an Alpha-Link MADI-SX (or MADI-AX) and MadiXtreme by the addition of an Alpha-Link MX 4-16 and an Alpha-Link MX16-4. Click here to view the Setup guide for Alpha-Link MX and MADI-AX with MadiXtreme, for 64 I/O.


Click here to view the addendum for XLogic IO products.


Click here to view the Installation Guide for Alpha-Link MX.