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DWB Music upgrade with Duende and Alpha-Link

Producer Paul Drew tells us that SSL DAW products are “Definitely Worth Buying!”

Dec 17, 2009

Paul Drew

DWB Music are a UK-based team of writer/producers who have worked with artists including Kylie Minogue, East 17, Tohoshinki, D-SIDE and Girls Aloud. Their work finds its way into a truly global market and the team are behind hits not only in the UK but also Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, and as far afield as Japan and Hong Kong! DWB formed in 2006 after Paul Drew, Greig Watts and Pete Barringer left the record company that they were employed at as “in house” producers to start out on their own. Paul entered the music business as a successful session musician, touring and recording with acts including Artful Dodger and Roachford. He quickly discovered a natural talent and passion for recording and song writing and moved into the studio as well as the stage. DWB have recently upgraded their studios with an Alpha Link and MadiXtreme IO system and a Duende. SSL caught up with Paul to find out a bit more about how they integrated them into the Logic-based DAW system…

Why did you choose the Duende and Alpha-Link IO Bundle?
We chose the Alpha-link IO bundle for the quality of the SSL AD/DA convertors and the speed and function of the MadiXtreme. Everyone who hears the unit comments on how good it sounds, and the clarity of our productions has improved dramatically since we installed it, they have completely changed the way we work! We chose the Duende because we wanted extra power without having to use up processing in our Macs. The SSL channel strip is used on more or less everything we do, along with some of the other plug-ins.

What do you like most about the Duende?
Firstly the “SSL sound” is fantastic and the bus compressor is awesome, but my favorite plugin of the range is the X-Verb. We’ve been mainly using it on vocals but most things end up going through it to some degree or another – it’s like having a very expensive hardware quality reverb but with the interface on your computer screen.

Are there any aspects of the Duende and Alpha-Link which have made life better for you?
Yes - the change in clarity in our mixes. I can’t get over the difference in how the Alpha-Link sounds compared to our old soundcards. We are working on a new project at the moment (KITTI KALOOSH) that has just been signed to a major UK label and I know that the sound that we have achieved would not have been possible without using the Alpha-Link and the plug-ins on the Duende.

Are you happy with your purchase?
With all the positive comments above do you expect me to say no? I’m so happy we made the right choice going with SSL.

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