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Synphonic Studio installs first Matrix in Switzerland

“Workflow coupled with sonic quality makes SSL the only real solution.”

Jun 30, 2009

Synphonic Studio installs Matrix

Thomas Lumholtz has been the owner of Synphonic Studio since it opened over 15 years ago. He has been working with a DAW controller on his productions for some time, but last year undertook a major update of his facility. After some serious market research and a few in-depth product test drives, he chose an SSL Matrix to be the centrepiece of his new "Synphony". SSL caught up with him in Etzgen, Switzerland to find out more...

SSL: Tell us about Synphonic Studio…
The studio occupies the ground floor of my house and consists of a stone drum room, live room, control room and lounge. The facility is used for tracking, mixing and mastering of music. The studio also doubles as a training facility for Music Technology, Sound Design and Multimedia.

SSL: Why did you choose to install a Matrix?
I was looking to replace my fairly bruised and battered control surface and as I am a big fan of analogue outboard I was looking to find something that bridges the gap between the analogue and digital environments. After much research and intensive testing of many professional consoles, I was surprised that SSL had a product that offered me so much whilst still being within my budget.

SSL: What do you like most about it?
It’s a dream come true. No other console offers the quality, the workflow, the analogue integration and the innovative DAW control all in one device. Both clients and students find the console intuitive to work with and the fact that I now have an SSL console in my room adds to the professionalism of the facility.

SSL: Are there any aspects of the console which have made life better for you?
Integration of my analogue outboard equipment has always been a difficult process and on many occasions this has prevented me from using it. Having all of my outboard equipment ready to insert quickly and easily has resulted in me working much more efficiently and being more experimental in my approach. I like to work with Logic and Pro Tools simultaneously, so the multiple DAW layers enable me to quickly use the same control environment for both. After all, workflow coupled with sonic quality makes Matrix the only real solution!

SSL: What impact has the sound of the console had on your work?
The sound of the console has given me new inspiration. Right from the beginning of the writing process, Matrix reassures me by giving a true picture of what is being created. The SuperAnalogue™ circuitry gives me such sonic purity that I am hearing things in my music which I never noticed before.

SSL: Are you happy with your purchase?
Without question! When I visited Musik Produktiv for a demo, I realised that I just couldn’t afford to be without Matrix any longer. It did everything I needed my next console to do and more….I just had to get one!

For more information about Thomas and Synphonic Studio, please visit

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