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Solid State Logic installs C200 HD Audio Console in newly restored

Europe’s top mobile recording unit returns from fire damage better than ever

Jul 18, 2008

C200 HD @ Le Voyageur V1

OXFORD, ENGLAND – Solid State Logic (SSL) the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for film, audio, video and broadcast professionals, today announced the installation of its C200 HD audio console in “Le Voyageur V1”, Europe’s most powerful dedicated audio OB truck.

Le Voyageur V1 was badly damaged in a fire last year, which started in the vehicle’s undercarriage en-route to an MTV event in Madrid. Rather than write off the unit, the decision was taken to undergo a restoration, recently completed by French contractor Toutenkamion.

The C200 HD replaces the SSL Axiom MT+ console destroyed in the fire. The new 48 fader C200 HD console provides 128 in-line, 48kHz/24-bit channels, and 96 in-line, 96kHz/24-bit, channels in two layers. The console also features bay swapping, with up to 96 mic preamps at 96kHz/24-bit operation, and a central master control configuration. The console uses an angled frame layout which in conjunction with Le Voyageur’s unique custom pivot system enables this large scale console to be accommodated in the space restricted and challenging truck environment.

Laurent Israel-Alexandre, Le Voyageur’s technical sales manager, said, “We has such success with the Axiom MT+ audio board that a return to SSL was a natural choice for the same reasons that we chose them originally: ease of use, quality, reliability and service/support efficiency. Moreover, SSL’s technical expertise and cooperation with Toutenkamion was invaluable in the restoration process and we are delighted with the results.”

Solid State Logic’s International Sales Director, Philippe Guerinet, said, “Le Voyageur V1 is almost iconic in mobile audio and we are very proud to have been such an integral part of the restoration and ongoing implementation for concerts and events throughout Europe.”

Le Voyageur V1 is now back on the road. It’s first production was in May, recording in 96K with a parallel live broadcast to Japan for the popular Japanese rock band "L'Arc-en-Ciel" at the Zenith Arena in Paris.

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