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Renwood Messenger Studios upgrade their I/O with Alpha Link and Delta Link

Studio owners tell us “We noticed an improvement right from the first sessions”

Mar 4, 2010

Renwood Messenger Studios upgrade with SSL

Located in Kenosha Wisconsin, Renwood Messenger Recording Studios is a three room facility that caters to local musicians, broadcasters and production companies. When it was time to invest in a new converter the owners of RM researched heavily and concluded that the SSL Alpha Link and Delta Link was their choice. SSL sat down for a chat with the owners George Renner, Matt Mattoon, and Steve Hawkins to find out more.

What kind of work do you do?
We are a commercial facility so we do a broad cross section of work, but our large live room with a half dozen isolation booths makes the facility perfect for large or complicated tracking dates. We have a C Room which is used as an overdub space, but we mainly do a lot of mixing through our large format consoles in the A & B Rooms. A new mastering suite has just been added to the studio to make us a full service facility from start to finish.

Why did you choose the Xlogic Alpha-Link and Delta-link MADI converters for the front end of your ProTools® system?
We felt that the superior audio quality of the converters alone made it the right choice for our facility. We did extensive research and listening tests before our initial purchase and determined the Alpha/Delta-Link MADI system was sonically superior to any other comparable converters we listened to, was more cost effective, and had the added benefit of the SSL brand. We believe that using SSL products gives us a sonic as well as a name recognition edge in the ever shrinking mid-market studio world.

What do you like most about it?
Aside from the superior sound we love the more bang for the buck aspect. The cost per channel of I/O is a real benefit over the other products that we looked at. Being from the “old school” of 24 track analog recording the fact that the Alpha-Link converters are 24 channels of analogue I/O in a two rack space unit are a big plus, and now having two Alpha-links gives us 48 channels of analogue I/O for those large projects.

What impact has the sound of the Alpha-Link had on your work?
We noticed an improvement in definition, clarity and depth of field in our finished product right from the first session with the SSL converters.

Are you happy with your purchase?
We are happy with every aspect of Solid State Logic and continue to be impressed by the ongoing support SSL has given us. Please accept our grateful "thank you" from everyone at Renwood Messenger Recording Studios to everyone at SSL.

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