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Poland's RecPublica Studios install 48 channel Duality

Studio owner Patrick Zukowski: “The bottom line? Duality sounds good like crazy!”

Jun 1, 2009

Duality @ RecPublica, Poland

LUBRZA, POLAND – For many, a recording studio is a functional space in which to produce music. Others will expound this philosophy, suggesting that functionality needs to be combined with aesthetic and ergonomic factors. And then you get the likes of Patrick Zukowski of RecPublica Studios.

Located in the west of Poland, RecPublica has only been operating since autumn of 2008, but cast an eye over the beautiful wooden interior and the superbly appointed facilities of this sumptuous residential facility and you instantly know that this 700 year-old mill has been transformed into a world-class environment for the creation of music.

“For us, RecPublica is the culmination of five years work. And I have no hesitation in telling you that this is a dream come true for me. Our philosophy is simple – to provide the best possible conditions for both the musicians and the sound engineer.”

Look around the twin control rooms or the five separate live areas and it’s easy to see why Patrick is quietly confident that RecPublica is one of the world’s finest studios. The high ceiling, extensive wooden panelling and rustic lines of the huge main live room may only be interrupted by a Fazioli grand piano, but storerooms contain more than enough in the way of instruments to keep the most demanding of bands happy.

Providing the best conditions doesn’t just stop with the musical side of the equation, either – the residential side of RecPublica also excels. As well as the four-star bedrooms, clients can also relax in the bar, lounge, kitchen, sauna…

“With RecPublica we decided to give our clients the ultimate experience. Nothing less would have satisfied our desire for the best. So in a way many considerations required no discussion. We needed a first-class studio design – for our needs that meant speaking with John Flynn, who has worked extensively with Abbey Road and SARM. We needed the best outboard in the control room, which I think we have. And we also needed the best in mixing consoles – which meant Solid State Logic’s 48-channel Duality.”

“We chose Duality for many reasons. It’s a modern, versatile console that’s perfectly suited to our studio – not least because of the great recall features and the stunning sound. We’re using it to record everything – even though we have racks of great preamps, we find that we come back to the Duality time and time again.”

“And of course it’s a great asset when it comes to mixing. This desk let’s you focus on listening – really listening – to the music. Mixing ‘in-the-box’ is all well and good, and yes, you also get good recall, but with a computer the focus is very much on watching all of those diagrams of EQs and compressors and so on. And you have to keep an eye on that CPU! But mixing on an analogue desk, well… it’s a completely different story. You’re just focusing on listening to the results of all your adjustments and tweaking. You also have access to the full signal path right there on the console, right there in front of you.”

“These are all important considerations, of course, but let’s not forget the sound. The bottom line is that Duality just sounds good like crazy. For us this is absolutely the ultimate in fully-equipped desks!”

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