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Legendary French producer adds SSL C200 HD to the mix

Why C200 HD? “It has the best build quality, is easy to use and gives me great results”

Dec 5, 2008

C200 HD

PARIS, FRANCE – For over a quarter of a century Philippe Teissier du Cros has been consumed with sound – be it designing, engineering or producing. His attention to detail and love of acoustic music has seen him helm dozens of projects in the worlds of Jazz, Electro-Jazz and World Music. As well as critical acclaim, that relentless work ethic has also garnered several BBC and Victoires de la Musique awards. He’s even been known to rack up success in the arena of Pop Music, notably scoring a Number One single in the French pop charts last year with William Baldé.

But despite the eclectic nature of the work he takes on, Philippe’s central philosophy is “to participate in beautiful projects with true artists who put quality ahead of business matters.” Sentiments that you’ll hear often, but as we all know actions speak louder than words.

“Over the years I have earned a reputation for my independent spirit and the priority I give to music. Whatever I’m working on, as a producer I strive to enhance the musicality of the project, rather than stamp my own personal input on it by using technological tricks and effects that fast become outdated.”

In his search for the perfect recording environment, Philippe recently installed a Sold State Logic C200 HD in his mixing control room. “I chose this system for its powerful automation, fast recall and the ‘knob per function’ concept that makes for straightforward hands-on control. And with the C200 HD it’s also about the beautiful design and, of course, the reputation of SSL.”

“I use the C200 HD to mix all my projects. I prefer to get the recordings down with an analogue desk, but when it comes to mixing I like to use a digital desk with my Prism converters. Why? I appreciate the transparent sound, and the fully featured channel strips on the C200 HD allow me to create as many configurations as I wish, thanks to the many buses and full automation of all the elements.”

“I’m also impressed by the power and sophistication of the C200 HD’s automation. When I’m producing I like to go over and over my mixes to fine-tune my work, and SSL’s C200 HD is particularly suited to this method of working. And it brings a full ‘safety-net’ to my projects, as I know I can retrieve all of my data within seconds. I’m also very confident in the C200 HD’s stability, which in many ways is the most important factor for me.”

With the arrival of the C200 HD, Philippe hasn't drastically changed his workflow or working habits, but he’s happy to reveal that it has given him increased freedom along with outstanding sound quality – “so now I get the results I want quickly and easily.”

“I chose the C200 HD over the competition for many reasons. Primarily I felt it best met the needs of my workflow, but also because it has the best build quality. And it also helps that I am confident in the continuity of the brand. Overall, in the C200 HD SSL have come up with an intelligent and realistic console that is easy to use and gives me great results.”

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