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igospel use Duende to inspire young musicians in teaching program

"As we are moving between schools and workshops, the Duende Mini is the perfect size"

Dec 18, 2008

Duende user igospel is a dynamic music project working with schools and community groups across the country. The project uses a combination of motivational teaching styles and provides some of the most exciting performance opportunities in the country. igospel tutors deliver a variety of music programmes giving students the opportunity to work alongside professional singers and musicians who not only teach new skills but also inspire young people to aim high. Over the past year igospel have worked with nearly 3,000 young people in over 70 schools, with performances in the past 10 months alone have taken place at Goldsmiths College, the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, as well as an on-going partnership the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Earlier this year, igospel purchased 10 Duende Minis

Why did igospel choose the Duende DSP Platform?
igospel chose the Duende DSP because it is an exciting new product that has an excellent sound, price and is easy to use.

What do you like most about it?
Using SSL equipment had only ever been achievable by working in large studios. With the release of the Duende the SSL sound is now accessible by anyone who makes music on a computer. We love how powerful the Channel Strip plug-in is!
Not only do you have high and low pass filters but the signature SSL EQ sound and compressor too.

As we are moving between schools and workshops the Duende Mini is the perfect size to work with our laptops. Within minutes we have a complete SSL console in the computer ready to handle whatever we throw at it. From teaching music production classes or recording vocals in a classroom we get high quality results every time.

How does it fit into your teaching?
igospel is developing a whole new concept in music education; to empower young people with the tools to write, produce and perform new and original material. The Duende is an integral part of this process with its ability to produce great quality sounding tracks on a limited budget. It brings the experience of a professional SSL equipped studio to young trainee producers eager to experiment and learn from professional equipment.

What impact has the sound of the Duende had on your work?
The sound is great! Our students are able to get better sounding mixes and more professional demos and this inspires musical excellence.

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