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French composer Serge Franklin installs Matrix in home studio

“Despite the compact footprint, Matrix still has all of the seriousness of an SSL console…”

May 18, 2010

Serge Franklin & Matrix

PARIS, FRANCE – In his native France, Serge Franklin is something of a household name. For a little over 30 years now, he has regularly defied expectations to create some of France’s best loved soundtracks. First rising to prominence scoring for legendary French director Alexandre Arcady [Le Coup de Sirocco, Le Grand Pardon, Le Grand Carnival], Serge’s CV now catalogues over 200 pieces of music for film, TV and theatre.

Serge usually composes and produces in his home studio, but in a bid to bring even more life to his productions he recently augmented his sound with a Solid State Logic Matrix mixing console.

“The reason I chose Matrix is simple: I was looking for a console that could be both a controller and a mixing console. And with Matrix you have it all. On the one hand I have fully comprehensive DAW control, and on the other hand I wanted ‘that’ sound… the sound I get from having a true analogue signal path.”

“Matrix also has the perfect ergonomics for my Home studio. It has professional faders and a very refined design, yet despite the compact footprint Matrix still has all of the seriousness of an SSL console.”

“But with Matrix it’s obviously about more than that. Sure, there’s ‘that’ sound, but another key aspect is the compatibility with my Mac environment and my DAW. All it took was one demo of the close integration that’s possible right out of the box and I knew there and then that I had made my decision.”

Serge is convinced that Matrix has made his life easier in many ways. “For example, I’m able to control the digital and analogue aspects of Matrix with great speed due to the clear layout and aesthetic of the controls. And then there’s the routing flexibility through the Mix and Record busses. Oh, and let’s not forget SSL’s excellent Hotline, which has never left me without a reply!”

Despite not having had the Matrix for very long, it’s already had a big impact on Serge’s work. “To be honest, my mixes are sounding warmer and more precise thanks to the analogue side of the console. With the Matrix I definitely get the feeling that this console was designed by musicians, for musicians. It's a perfect alliance without compromising on the data processing or the audio quality.”

“So yes, I’m very happy with Matrix. So far it’s lived up to all its promises… and more.”

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