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France 3 equips new mobile production unit with SSL C100

Impressive layout, superior sound quality, future proof software, among key features for France 3

Jun 1, 2007

France 3 & C100

STRASBOURG, FRANCE – If you were to pick a location as a base for Europe-wide TV coverage you could do far worse than Strasbourg. Situated in the very heart of Europe, this beautiful city is home to France 3’s mobile production unit, which travels around the continent covering an incredibly diverse range of events for France’s second biggest public service TV channel. These stories include anything from local news through to major sporting events, such as the European Athletics Championships and 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Understandably the unit has to be equipped with the most flexible and high quality recording equipment, so France 3 recently upgraded it with an SSL C100 48-channel digital console. Gregory Chevalier, the company’s Chief Sound Operator, explains how the console fits into the France 3’s operation and the reasons behind his choice…

“We decided on the 48-channel C100 console for several important reasons. We love the ergonomics and the easy access to the most important controls using either ‘Free Controls’ or ‘User Layers’. We also like the speedy and efficient operation of the multi-channel functions, the easy to understand and well laid out screens, the extremely clear processing path and the impressive sound quality of mic preamps and signal processing.”

The unit’s features were the main motivation behind the decision, but Chevalier insists that the high quality of the unit alone was not the only deciding factor. Customer support and SSL’s reputation were also pivotal:

“High quality 24-hour support, SSL’s constant refining of the software – with user input at every step – and the reputation for reliability were also deciding factors in making the C100 our first choice for both production and live work.”

The mobile unit has already become a vital component in France 3’s broadcast plans and is currently involved in several high profile productions, both local to Strasbourg and around the continent.

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