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AWS 948 and Nucleus nominated for 2011 TEC Awards

AWS 948 and Nucleus nominated for awards in Large/Small Format Console Technology categories

Nov 10, 2011

SSL nominated for two 2011 TEC Awards

OXFORD, ENGLAND – Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional analogue and digital audio consoles, is pleased to announce that it has been nominated for two Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards this year.

AWS 948 has been nominated in the ‘Large Format Console Technology’ category and Nucleus has been nominated in the ‘Small Format Console Technology’ category.

The actual TEC Awards ceremony will be held on 20th Jan 2012 in Los Angeles to coincide with the annual NAMM Convention.

Nominations for the 16 categories of Technical Achievement have been made by a panel of more than 100 industry veterans. There are also nine categories of Creative Achievement (audio projects).

If you want to see a full list of nominees in all categories for the 27th Annual TEC Awards, go to the TEC Foundation website where you can also find out about the three-stage voting process. Voting closes on 30th November.

Below is a list of industry organisations or publications who have already sent emails to their members or subscribers with voting registration instructions:

  • APRS - Association of Professional Recording Services
  • CAS - Cinema Audio Society
  • GANG - Game Audio Network Guild
  • Mix Magazine
  • MPG - Music Producers Guild
  • MPSE - Motion Picture Sound Editors

  • NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants (select member groups)
  • P&E Wing - Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy
  • Pro Audio Review
  • Pro Sound News
  • Pro Sound News Europe
  • SPARS - Society of Professional Recording Services

More about AWS
Launched in 2004, the AWS (Analogue Workstation System) reinvented the professional production console by combining classic SSL SuperAnalogue™ console technology with comprehensive DAW control hardware in a single work surface. Over 550 consoles later the AWS is now used by leading international recording artists, producers and engineers and has shaped expectations for session workflow within today’s and indeed tomorrows’ production environments.

More about Nucleus
Nucleus re-defines the professional project studio with a perfect blend of advanced DAW control, transparent SuperAnalogue™ monitoring, high class SuperAnalogue™ mic pres, pro quality USB audio interface and bundled SSL Duende Native plug-ins. Nucleus is a compact desktop unit that creates a comfortable, efficient, hands on operating environment for DAW based Music and Film/TV Post production. It provides everything you need to record and monitor audio and to control your DAW quickly and efficiently without resorting to your mouse. Nucleus streamlines your workflow and helps you focus on your sound, not your screen.

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