The SSL Bus Compressor, for Duende Native

SSL Console Grade Processing For Your DAW

The Duende Native Plug-in suite is a collection of audio processing tools which bring professional audio quality, sophistication and benchmark performance within reach of all DAW users. Duende plug-ins provide the superior precision, advanced feature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL console products in affordable VST/AU/RTAS plug-in form. They are quite simply the easiest way to get your hands on professional tools that will help you achieve professional mixes that sound like a record.

The foundations of the Duende Native collection are plug-in adaptations of two SSL console classics; the EQ & Dynamics Channel plug-in provides an EQ & Dynamics processing solution with all the power, precision, flexibility and signature tone of an SSL console channel strip… the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in gives you the classic SSL stereo master bus compressor that brings power and punch to your mix without compromising clarity. Drumstrip and Vocalstrip are ‘task specific’ plug-ins which each gather together a set of carefully selected and lovingly crafted processing tools to get you straight to outstanding Drum and Vocal sounds quickly and easily. X-EQ and X-Comp are both mastering grade processors that deliver superb balance of precision and tonal character. X-Verb is an incredibly powerful and flexible processor which brings beautiful hardware standard Reverb to your DAW.

All Duende Native Plug-ins are available for a free, fully functional initial 30 day demo AND for ongoing periodic free demos. Read More.

Duende Native is fully 64 Bit capable in suitable Mac and Windows Operating Systems.

Duende Native plug-ins are available individually from the SSL web store.

Plug-in bundles are available from the SSL web store and from SSL Resellers worldwide. Read more about Duende Native Plug-in Bundles.

‘Duende Native’ was launched in February 2011. Duende Native plug-ins are functionally identical to legacy DSP powered Duende plug-ins but they run natively on your host computer. They do not require a Duende hardware unit. Duende Native marks a significant leap in the evolution of the Duende product line… Read More about Duende Native

The legacy DSP based Duende hardware products are no longer manufactured and optional plug-ins for Duende hardware systems have been withdrawn from sale. SSL operates a Free Cross Grade policy which is explained in detail here.