SSL Live. L300Smaller but still mighty.

Live Remote Expander

SSL Live. Remote Expander

The SSL Live Remote Expander provides additional remote control options for SSL L500 or L300 Live consoles and can be located next to the main console or remotely using a standard Ethernet connection. Each Remote Expander features 24 or 36 faders and the same familiar 19" multi-touch screen interface used in the rest of the SSL Live console range.

Up to two Remote Expanders may be connected to an L500 or L300 console, providing a total of up to 110 faders for single or multi-operator applications. Control surface layers and banks are independently configurable for each console and Remote Expander in a system.

Each Remote Expander features dual redundant power supplies and support for an additional external screen. The Remote Expander can also be connected to a console in parallel with SOLSA, our PC software application, for a highly flexible remote control solution. Each Remote Expander or SOLSA instance provides an additional, independent, control interface into the main audio processing engine (it does not add more audio processing capacity!).