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SSL MORSE Stagebox

MORSE Stagebox – Modular Remote I/O

Modular audio connectivity where you need it

The MORSE Stagebox is a modular Remote I/O unit which can be used with either C100 HDS or C10 HD consoles. MORSE Stageboxes supply audio feeds from the studio floor or any other location, with customisation and scalability giving you exactly the audio connectivity that you need. For multi-studio broadcast facilities MORSE Stageboxes can be combined with the MORSE Router to provide an extremely reliable, cost effective and scalable solution for sharing audio I/O and managing related control data.

Because the MORSE Stagebox connects via MADI over fibre-optics, you can be confident that all audio will reach the console in immaculate condition. Embedding of routing and IO parameter control on the fibre-optic cable removes the need for separate serial/Ethernet cabling and ensures that the operator never need leave the listening position.

Each MORSE Stagebox comes in a 3U chassis, offering 56 channels of IO via 14 card slots which can house a wide range of cards to suit your precise audio I/O requirements, and which can be hot-swapped, even while on air:

  • AES3 cards, offering 2 inputs and outputs, with 24 bit sample rate conversion at up to 192kHz
  • Analogue cards, offering either 4 mic/line inputs, 4 line outputs, or 4 inputs and outputs, all with 24 bit conversion at up to 48kHz, with a choice of operating levels
  • SDI Embedder/De-embedder cards (HD or SD), offering either 8 channel embedding, 8 channel de-embedding, or 4 channels of each, with high quality 24 bit sample rate conversion

The MORSE stagebox comes with redundant PSU as standard and with MADI links configurable to provide fibre-optic redundancy. Low power consumption, convection cooling and proprietary technology avoid common causes of failure and offer the silent operation that allows studio floor positioning.

  • Fibre-optic MADI guarantee pristine audio
  • Embedded control data simplifies cabling and operation
  • Customised audio card selection
  • Zero-downtime maintenance, provided through hot-swap hardware