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Integration I/O

A versatile range of audio format conversion and low cost Routing solutions for broadcast studio integrators.

SSL Alpha-Link LIVE-R - Redundant MADI Converter

Alpha-Link LIVE-R

Low cost fixed configuration I/O

Alpha-Link LIVE-R is a versatile, low cost, high quality, fixed configuration audio converter unit. It can be used to provide local or remote I/O for both C100 HDS and C10 HD consoles or alternatively as a stand-alone format converter. Each Alpha-Link LIVE-R unit provides 24 balanced analogue inputs and outputs (with high-quality 24-bit analogue conversion) and 12 AES input and output pairs (with eight channels of 24-bit sample rate conversion). Alpha-Link LIVE-R connects to the console using fully redundant MADI over fibre to ensure absolute signal integrity and with embedded Control data, remote control of IO parameters from the console is achieved with the minimum of cabling. Alpha-Link LIVE-R includes redundant PSUs, all fitted into a compact 2U rack.

Key Features

  • Redundant MADI Fibre I/O connections
  • MADI I/O can be locked to the C10 HD and C100 HDS highly stable clocks
  • Selectable as a Clock Master device or can be externally synchronized to AES/EBU, Wordclock or video sync
  • 24 balanced Analogue I/O
  • 12 Pairs of AES Digital I/O
  • Fibre MADI guarantees pristine audio
  • Embedded control data simplifies cabling and operation
  • Analogue input/output metering via 24 tricolour LEDs
  • 56 or 64 Channel MADI modes
  • Supports Fs and 2Fs formats in either High Speed or Legacy modes
  • USB Interface for firmware updates
  • Compact 2U Rack enclosure
  • Redundant PSUs as standard

Alpha-Link LIVE-R – Stand-Alone

Alpha-Link LIVE-R can also be used as a stand-alone format converter for a wide range of applications. In stand-alone mode all input and output channels can be used simultaneously in any configuration. When used as a stand-alone converter the front panel controls for Alpha-Link LIVE-R are used for format conversion configuration.