System TThe future of audio production for broadcast


Fully networked control options

System T control interfaces allow extremely flexible and adaptable configurations. The compact S300 console and modular S500 large format consoles can be combined within a single system.

The core control elements always present in an S500 large format console are a Fader Tile, large Multi Touch Screens, a Channel Tile and a Master Tile. An S500 console can have a range of console frame layouts that present these core elements along with an optional meter bridge and can include an intelligently switched screen bay, dual fader bay, or additional channel control bays. S500 can easily be scaled to suit multi-operator layouts with individual monitoring.

S500 ‘intelligent bay’ functionality means that a console which includes both channel View and Overview touch screens will automatically switch according to channel selection. If a user selects a channel in a Fader Tile within an intelligent bay the Channel View will be called to the adjacent screen and the Overview will move to the other screen.

Integrated KVM connectivity enables up to 3 external computers to be connected and displayed via the S500 touch screens. Workflow benefits include bringing other system control interfaces directly in front of the operator, while removing the need for additional computers and monitors around the console, ideal in OB vehicles and compact audio control rooms.

Additional control interfaces including complete consoles, console bays, control surface elements, Tempest Control Racks and PCs running ‘T-SOLSA’ remote control software are added remotely across the network to suit production requirements. Up to three control interfaces can use a single processor core. Multiple processor cores can be used on a single network.